Hello, Can we do diploma in fashion designing and then pursue masters in fashion marketing in Canada, will it be valuable?

Asked by Diya Chauhan over 1 year ago

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MentR-Me Team

Yes, earning a postgraduate diploma is worthwhile.
I've listed a few justifications below to back up my position:

*A postgraduate diploma offers a more pragmatic perspective. This aids in the development of talents for an individual.

*A postgraduate diploma emphasizes your course's technological components rather than just academics. Consequently, you gain more knowledge of the technical components of the profession you have chosen. It can be finished in between six and twelve months. An advanced degree requires more time. Additionally, it is less expensive while providing comparable job prospects. It is the same as earning a postgraduate degree. An industry-specific postgraduate diploma degree is available. As a result, rather than starting to work after finishing it with false expectations, you are completely aware of the nature of your task.

*When compared to someone who is *pursuing a postgraduate degree*, pursuing it from reputable colleges can also help you land jobs. Therefore, if you want to pursue a postgraduate diploma, I advise you. You're acting morally, after all. Careers requiring a graduate degree have more prospects than those requiring less education. You may have an advantage in a job application over a less qualified candidate if you choose the best course for your needs.

*Students already have bachelor's degrees and have access to postgraduate diploma programmes. A postgraduate degree is an educational certification granting holders advanced skills in a particular specialization field. A postgraduate certificate grants you the ability to practise a profession.

*A postgraduate diploma degree is suitable for those interested in further education. You can concentrate on the technical components of the course because it offers a more practical approach. The fact that it can be finished in six to twelve months is an additional benefit. Additionally, it is worth the same as a postgraduate degree.

I'm hoping this will be beneficial.

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