Hello, anyone can please tell me about bachelor degree with three years from India eligible for masters?

Asked by Prathil about 1 year ago

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Kimaya Nigam

Kimaya Nigam

MentR-Me Team

Country Expert : USA

Yes,It is feasible to do MS overseas after a 3 yr bachelor degree. The simple standards for checking your eligibility for getting admit in a path is that have you done the pre requisite subjects for the graduating path you have utilized for ? If sure than you are welcone however if now not than your UG is considered as non eligible or you may additionally have to do 2–3 extra topics in your masters ,in order to complete your credits.

Coming to the countries for studies .best at this time in world are ;


Masters may additionally cause you from 12,000$ per 12 months to 25,000$ per 12 months (only tution fee).Check college necessities and issue necessities for the route you choose to pursue. Most universities in USA or Canada permit a three years bachelor's degree so that won't be an issue. You may additionally additionally try for Germany, Australia, UK and different European universities as the schooling price in European countries is either low or free for many universities. Also the BSc or different bachelor levels there are of three years same as India. But nonetheless you will have to test their concern and savings necessities or CGPA necessities if you suit you would be welcome, if you don't, you will have to take these courses.



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