Have a year gap between UG 2nd year to 3rd the year. My UG is supposed to be completed in 2022 but due to some reasons, I have not completed it. Am I eligible to do a Master's in the US?

Asked by Shasank about 1 year ago

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Saumya Chadha

Saumya Chadha

MentR-Me Team

Study Abroad Expert

Hey, you will be glad to know that a gap of one year is accepted by most of the Universities in the USA for your Master's, so you need not worry about the same. 

The study gap for excelling in academics has become quite common these days, and the rising competition has changed the scenario. Students take a study gap, either to get high scores in entrance examinations to increase their chances of clearing the entrance or for personal reasons. There may be other reasons students may have a study gap, as listed below.

- Family issues or financial problems
- Internship
- Advanced courses
- Non- avoidable medical condition


If you plan to take a study gap before applying to the USA, then make sure you plan it properly. You can make your gap year productive in the following ways:

- Try to develop your intellectual and personal skills
- Contribute to society by volunteering
- Develop innovativeness or be self-employed
- Be committed and dedicated to the work

I hope this helps. Let me know your course details and the Universities you wish to apply to for more details on the same. 


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