I want to do ms bioinformatics or ms biotechnology in USA Can you please suggest me better colleges with scholarships and with partimetime jobs in the campus?

Asked by Yamini over 1 year ago

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Ritu Jain

Ritu Jain

Student at Shri Ram College of Commerce

While this information may vary from country to country and university to university, I have tried to list colleges that provide scholarships and part-time on-campus jobs to make things easier.

Following universities are considered the best in biotechnology and bioinformatics, offering generous scholarships for international students.

You will have to go through their websites to get a detailed answer.

Washington State University- Charles Dawson Moodie Memorial Scholarship
                                               Roscoe and Frances Cox Charitable Scholarship.

                                               H. E. Goldsworthy Scholarship.

                                               Tracy Vincent-Sharp Memorial Scholarship.

Oregon State University- The Agricultural Honours Scholarship
                                        The Don Burlingham Scholarship

                                        The Wayne and Joann Chambers Scholarship

University of Wisconsin 

Montgomery College

The universities mentioned above also provide part-time jobs, like library assistants, teaching assistants, peer tutors, and campus ambassadors. However, finding an on-campus job can be a little tricky as many students compete for the same position, so I would advise you not to limit your options and try exploring some off-campus opportunities to meet ends.




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