Good evening I have a question that do the university provide mba specialization in supply chain management or logistics?

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Saumya Chadha

Saumya Chadha

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Supply Chain Analytics permits administration to make data-driven choices at strategic, operational, and tactical levels. In the Supply Chain Management field, there is a scarcity of professionals with technique and analytics talents. This certification gets you prepared for high-demand job roles such as Demand Planner, Data Scientist, Supply Planner, and Supply and Operations Planner.

Management might also sound problematic when you hear it for the first time. However, it specifically offers the method of sourcing your materials or uncooked materials according to the business needs, gazing over the production process and making sure that customers get the completed merchandise on schedule.Let’s illustrate it with an example. Let’s say you are searching after Logistics and Supply Chain Management at a garment factory. You get hold of an order for supplying 2000 T-shirts from a retail store within two months.

You will regularly locate that Logistics and Supply Chain Management are being used interchangeably. However, there are some differences. Logistics largely deals with transferring something somewhere – so say procurement and transportation of uncooked materials to the manufacturing unit and turning in the completed merchandise to the customer.

Supply Chain Management on the other hand is a larger self-discipline and may additionally contain procurement, logistics, transportation, warehousing, the fulfilment of orders and purchaser service.

As agencies develop and the range of participants in the supply chain goes up, it becomes tougher to optimise the operations through reduced expenses and expanded efficiency alone. This is where network design, transportation and inventory management aspects of Supply Chain Management play an essential role. 

Following are the universities which provide mba specialisation in supply chain management or logistics :- 

Colorado Technical University
Kuhne Logistics University
University of South Dakota 
Michigan State University
Northeastern University


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