From where should I do masters in interior designing?

Asked by Arunima about 2 years ago

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The UK is the best place for you without a doubt. I mean what better place can you find than the UK for architecture and design? I’m not just talking about the universities there, but lifestyle and job opportunities. When you look for universities for interior design, you will see how many universities from the UK are dominating top spots.

One more reason is that UK universities have MA courses in interior design that are one-year long. Interior design is a profession that requires further studies based on career choices. You can see students that are doing some kind of postgrad or certificate course after a Masters in Interior Design. So with a one-year Masters, the time and money will be good for further options.

If I have to give names for universities, I would recommend the University of the Arts, London. The university is already a famous name in art and design studies. They have an MA in Interior and Spatial Design Masters program. The tuition cost is somewhere around 30 lakhs in total. You will benefit from its various ties with colleges all over the world like -


  • ENSBA (France)
  • Zurich University of the Arts (Switzerland)
  • Parson School of Design (USA)
  • Tokyo University of Arts (Japan) and
  • NID, Ahmedabad (India)

If UAL tuition gets out of your budget, I suggest Coventry University. This is a very popular university in the UK that has many excellent options in different areas. Art and architecture are among them. The MA Interior Design program at Coventry University costs around 15.5 lakhs.

If you are still confused about which schools to target, you should check out the FREE School Explore Tool, as it will curate a personalized list of school options based on your profile and preferences and will make the process of school selection a lot easier. 


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