First-hand experience of a Masters in Management from LBS, LSE, HEC, ESCP Europe, St. Gallen, Copenhagen Business School, IE, HHL or ESADE?

Asked by Chotu Soni about 1 year ago

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Diksha Garg

Diksha Garg

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For the first hand experience, I think you are better to know how it is at each business school that you have mentioned. Because the Master in Management course covers a large business area like finance, consulting, marketing, entrepreneurship etc. It's good if you go through the most basic details from each name you mentioned as comparing them is not ideal.

London Business School (LBS) MIM:

  • It is a 12-16 months course
  • The prominent thing here is its involvement with the industry. In particular, your skills will be  industry oriented in LBS MIM
  • LBS MIM is ranked #3 worldwide (Financial Times)

London School of Economics (LSE) MIM:

  • It is a 12-months full-time course
  • The basic elements of LSE MIM are skill based
  • LSE MIM admission are on a rolling basis (no such deadlines)

HEC Paris MIM:

  • It is an 18-months program
  • The program has 20 unique different specializations
  • HEC MIM is ranked #2 worldwide (Financial Times)

ESCP Europe MIM:

  • It is a two-year program
  • ESCP  Europe has several campuses based in other countries. The institutes  consider one of the biggest MIM providers in the world
  • ESCP is multi-accredited and ESCP MIM is ranked #7th worldwide (Financial Times)

St. Gallen MIM:

  • It is an 18-months program
  • The program is research-based with a practice oriented approach
  • St. Gallen MIM has been ranked #1 worldwide since 2011 (Financial Times)

Copenhagen Business School MIM:

  • It is a one-year program
  • The program is structured 1st term at one school, 2nd term at another school, ending it with an international internship in 3rd term
  • The business school is ranked highly for both MBA and MIM


  • It is a 12-months program
  • Probably the most flexible MIM to tailor your needs. It has large number of trucks and electives to suit your needs
  • MIM at IE is ranked to be #13 worldwide (Financial Times)

HHL Leipzig MIM:

  • It is a 21-24 months program
  • The school has a global partnership and evaluates your profile for free to see if you are perfect for the program or not.
  • HHL is #1 in Germany for entrepreneurship and MIM graduate salary


  • It is a 10-months program
  • The key feature of MIM from ESADE is its various global study tours
  • ESADE MIM is ranked #16 worldwide (Financial Times)


All of the mentioned schools are top providers of MIM courses. In general, LBS, HEC Paris and ESCP are the best ones to target overall. However, no matter which one  you choose, you’re good. All of these b-schools are recognized and have high degree value. I hope this helps you to decide which one suits you. In case you want any more information, just let me know.


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