Does Georgia Tech University take applications for spring intake for MS in Computer Science. If not when would the applications for fall 2023 start and how long does it take to get the admit result?

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Blake Prescher

Blake Prescher

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Interested parties may submit an admissions application for the Fall semesters. December 15, 2022, is the application deadline for the fall of 2022. Spring admissions are no longer available at Georgia Tech. The Graduate Studies Office at Georgia Tech also lists upcoming deadlines.

Application Expirations

Georgia Campus

  • Fall: December 16 (All PhD and M.S. programmes except M.S. Robo-ECE)
  • Fall: February 1 (M.S. Robo-ECE)

Campus in Shenzhen

  • Fall: May 1 (M.S. only)
  • Winter: October 1 (M.S. only)

Campus for distance learning

  • Autumn: May 1 (M.S. only)
  • Early September: Spring (M.S. only)

Requirements for Graduate Programs

  • Candidates seeking admission to our graduate programmes must have a prior degree in engineering or a related subject from an accredited institution of higher learning.
  • See Master's Degrees for further details on Georgia Tech's graduate electrical and computer engineering programmes.

Doctoral degrees
The admission committee considers your academic performance at former institutions (GPAs), your statement of purpose, your letters of recommendation, and your standardized test scores when determining admission decisions (if supplied). These elements are all significant. All candidates are welcome.

Documents Required for All Programs

  • official or unofficial transcript for degrees that qualify. Although they are appreciated, official transcripts are only needed once you have been admitted.
  • Three endorsement letters.
  • Purpose statement (1,000-word maximum).
  • Only for international students: actual TOEFL or IELTS test results.
  • Qualifying Degrees

A degree in electrical or computer engineering is often required for admission to the graduate programme at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Other engineering specialities, such as computer science, mathematics, and the physical sciences, are also accepted as degrees for applicants. Before enrolling in ECE graduate courses, qualified applicants with degrees in fields other than electrical and computer engineering are recommended to attend undergraduate ECE courses as a prerequisite. Engineering technology (EET) and non-engineering graduates who have not already completed a bachelor's or master's degree in one of the fields above are not eligible to apply to our graduate programme.

Uniformized Tests

  • Graduate Record Review (GRE) (While not needed, GRE scores will be considered if they are presented).
  • International students have a few options for proving their English language competency, including the TOEFL. (A minimum overall score of 90 is necessary, 19 on the section minimum).


  • Another alternative for international students to prove their
  • English competence is the IELTS.
  • A minimum overall score of 7 is required.
  • 6.5 minimum marks in the reading, hearing, and speaking sections, and 5.5 in the writing section.

For B.S./M.S. admissions: Admission decisions will be available on your Gradapp account by the end of the previous summer semester, if not before. Decisions on spring admissions will be communicated after the fall semester and available through your Gradapp account. A notification that a decision is public is sent to the email address provided on the application. It is your responsibility to ensure that this email address is always reachable so that you can get correspondence from our office.


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