Does a 3 year bachelor degree affects for masters abroad?

Asked by Prathibhareddy about 1 year ago

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MentR-Me Team

It really depends. While some countries accept 3-year bachelor's while some don’t. So all you have to do is figure out which are the ones that accept and you are good to go, right? Wrong!

Actually, these 3-year and 4-year bachelor issue are a little more complicated. If you simply search for it, you will see results that state the country or university names that accept a 3-year bachelor's degree. But this information is not to be trusted as there is no solid reasoning and proof behind it. In actual, a country may or may not accept a 3-year bachelor's degree for their master's. Let me explain how it works.

There are different kinds of programs available to reach the country and reach university. Few examples are; business, management, tech, STEM, joint degree, etc. Some specific programs require a 4-year degree to apply while the other general masers have no such rules. You do not have to worry though as many of the abroad universities do accept 3-year degrees. Names like MIT and Harvard are a few examples.

If you have a degree program in your mind you can ask me about that. It will be easier to answer if I know what program and course you plan to apply to. Anyway, let me know how I can assist in this matter.


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