Do you help figuring out the process for doing undergrad as well?

Asked by Sragvi Chavan over 1 year ago

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MentR-Me Team

Application for any course in the top universities of the world starts a year before, thus one should be ready with scores and documents a year before.

Exams to appear:

  • SAT 1
  • SAT 2: subjective if your course demands

Documents Required:

  • Academic Mark sheets and transcript
  • Passport
  • Statement of purpose
  • Two LORs
  • Financial documents
  • Scorecard of TOEFL, SAT
  • Photograph
  • Certificates of Extra Curricular Activities/Achievements.

Application process:

  • Fill out the common application form
  • Fill forms separately for universities that are not available in the common application form
  • Send required documents to universities
  • Report scores of TOEFL and SAT to the university
  • Apply for I 20
  • Apply for VISA, fill out I 901, DS 160 and book your interview
  • Prepare documents for VISA and for interview
  • Get visa approval
  • Plan your departure to university
  • Contact the international university office for assistance with stay and other requirements
  • Get your forex in place

Other important things to know:

SAT may not be a requirement for the university you are applying to but it shows your sincerity in today's education and works positively for your visa process.

Opt for an essay also in your SAT exam. Though it's optional, essays are a significant part of your application process.

Apply for a visa on time; the chances of a visa for an undergrad course are lesser than for grad programs. Thus applying on time is important.


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