Do I need to publish a research paper/have internships on my profile to get into good university?

Asked by Aswitha Aishu over 1 year ago

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A research paper can, of course, be published by a student. It is critical to spread knowledge. In fact, some universities need at least one paper to be published before receiving a Master's degree. A research paper does not require any academic credentials to be published. In theory, you could write and submit a paper without being affiliated with academia. If it is accepted, you will have a research paper published. In truth, having academic expertise or collaborating with someone who does makes it much easier to get published. A research paper is not required for university admission. Having a research article published under your name, on the other hand, will undoubtedly give you an advantage over other applicants. Furthermore, research papers improve your chances of receiving scholarships and support packages. That being said, speaking with seniors at the university you are interested in is preferable to see how much weight the university places on research when considering applicants for that programme.


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