Did you suggest latvia as a good study abroad destination?

Asked by Sinan about 1 year ago

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Aman Soren

Aman Soren

MentR-Me Team

Country Expert : Canada

Latvian universities/colleges provide world-class education to international students and follow a study curriculum with a global perspective. The fact that Latvian universities have experienced and qualified faculty members who meet international standards makes all the difference. Do you know that Latvia has always been a multi-ethnic country with diverse cultural and educational traditions? The country is regarded as one of the greenest in the world. International students prefer Latvia as a study abroad destination primarily because Latvia colleges and universities are globally recognised and offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programmes. The country has an organised educational system that is very similar to the American Credit System. Education in Latvia is recognised throughout Europe, and the leading university offers tuition fees and other living costs that are lower than in many Western countries. If you have any further questions just ask me.


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