Data science MS salary, top schools. Fee and application?

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candice samuel

candice samuel

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Data science in itself is a very booming profession, the world is changing and data has become a very important and precious thing for any organization. Management uses this data and makes informed and calculated decisions for the organization. The importance of data can be observed by the fact that companies are paying high salaries to skillful data scientists. 

The top companies around the globe, such as Amazon, Google, IBM and Tesla are hiring data scientists at impressive packages. If a person does a bachelors in data science, then that alone is a very valuable degree. The reason data scientists are getting so much recognition, and value is because of the demand and supply. Data scientists are very few in number, and the companies hiring them are in bulk.

Doing an MS degree in data science is a very high paying job that has many growth opportunities in the coming future. Every single day, data is created in trillions of amounts and it helps the organization in various ways. 

Now let's talk about MS in data science. There are various universities around the world which provide a masters degree in data science. These are among the top universities in the world with very qualified and experienced faculties. 

Some top universities that provide masters degrees in data science are:- 

  1. Stanford University:- They provide a program named MS in Statistics - Data science. The duration of the program is 2 years.
  2. Harvard University:- The name of the data science program at Harvard is MS in Data Science. It is also a 2 years program. 
  3. Yale University:- Yale University has a program named M.A. in statistics and Data Science, a robust two-year program in the field of data science and analytics. 
  4. University of Pennsylvania:-  There is a program in this university named MS in engineering and Data Science. The duration of this program is 2 years. 

So, these were some of the universities that provide a masters degree in data science. The fees of these universities may range somewhere from $45,600-$60,700 per year, The eligibility criteria for admission in these universities is that the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in the equivalent field of study from an accredited institution, and other than this the GPA must be minimum 3 out of 4. Also, candidates must focus on the GRE and IELTS scores and work on improving them. 

The average salary for a person after masters is $165,000 per year.


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