Data Science course duration and fees?

Asked by Mamta Rao about 1 year ago

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Ruben Osbon

Ruben Osbon

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Data Science master courses are far from common these days. Because data science profession ranks among top #3 in almost all developed countries. You have thousands of options when it comes to a data science course. The duration and fee of a data science masters differ based on location to location. Like a better destination for a data science master's may charge you more fee than an average one.

For example, the USA is the best place for a data science course. Masters or bachelors, there are thousands of universities in the USA that offer a data science program. You get to choose from a wide variety there. The duration of a data science masters in the USA is standard 2-years. For the fee, it can cost anywhere from 21,000 to 75,000 USD per annum. This estimates around INR 15-60 lakhs.

Another good place for a  data science masters is the UK. If you leave out the USA, data science professions are most prosperous and diverse in the UK itself. It is a great country that has an excellent education system and is widely famous for research and innovation. The master courses including data science in UK are one-year long and cost around £23,000-25,000 (INR 23-25 lakhs) per year.

One last destination I would recommend for a data science masters is Canada. The country is very filled with top-tier universities that excel in data science related courses. Canada has been #1 country abroad for quite a while now. Its excellent environment and friendly nature attracts students on a large scale. You can expect 10-16 months of data science courses in Canada with an average tuition of C$44,000. This is equivalent to around 26 lakhs INR.

Some other countries like Australia, Germany and France also offer data science courses. However, I would not recommend those over the three best countries I mentioned before. You will be more secured with job and career growth in data science if you choose the USA, UK or Canada. Plus now based on the duration and fee details, you can make a decision about a data science course.

Same like these three countries, data science is also a very good qualification to be in.  Not only is it one  of the top professions around the world, data science is also one of the highest paid jobs in top locations. Depending on your qualifications and experience, you can easily earn a six-figure annual salary as a data scientist.


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