Currently, I'm having graduated in both mathematics and education. Which are the best PG courses suitable for me and is there any scope for doing a master's in education in Canada?

Asked by Jelitta Thomas almost 2 years ago

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Prakhar Tyagi

Prakhar Tyagi

MentR-Me Team

Country Expert : UK

Best PG courses suitable for you are mentioned below:- 

1. Business Management
Canada is one of the top locations for worldwide MBA students. After the US and UK, Canada is becoming a warm spot for administration studies. In addition, MBA packages in Canada are substantially cheaper than in the US.

Scope: Business Management packages offer various specializations such as Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR, etc. In addition, MBA graduates are positioned in different roles such as Analysts, Consultants, Managers, Project Coordinators, etc.

2. Hospitality Management
Canada is a world-renowned tourism vacation spot with a booming hospitality business. Hospitality and tourism colleges in Canada can assist you in improving the skills quintessential to working with hotels, airlines, travel companies, and cruise lines.

Scope: The average earnings for a Hotel Manager in Canada is nearly CAD 52,000 per annum. As international locations ease COVID-induced tour restrictions, the tourism industry has started to grow again. With world tourism projected to grow further, a career in Hospitality Management can be rewarding.

3. Health Science
Different universities in Canada offer distinct fitness science disciplines such as Disability Management, Nutrition, Nursing, Public Health, Psychological Science, etc.

Scope: The scope of fitness sciences depends upon the discipline chosen by the student. The average earnings of a professional who holds a Master's in Public Health is almost CAD 66,000.

4. Science and Engineering
Canadian engineering tiers are well acquired worldwide and grant an aggressive aspect to global students in their job applications. The method for accrediting an engineering software is undertaken by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB), a working Board of Engineers Canada (EC).

Scope. Though the average salaries depend on the discipline, engineers in Canada commonly earn above CAD 65,000 per 12 months.

5. Information Technology
The Information Technology industry is growing at a high tempo in Canada in phrases of creative graphs and innovation. With the development in IT and ITES, this industry's placement possibilities are growing exponentially. The demand for ICT employees in Canada will increase in the next five years. Post-graduation in IT can be executed from more than a few Canadian universities and neighborhood colleges.

Job Opportunities
College students are given one to three years of Open Work Visa to reap rides based on their qualifications in Canada, which may later lead to everlasting residency (PR) in a specific country. 

So to wrap it all, yes, you can surely do a master's in education in Canada. I hope this information helped you. 


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