Currently I am studying diploma in electronics and communication. now i want to go either germany or Italy which one should I select and should I go for becholrs or complete it here and go for masters?

Asked by Patel Pruthvi almost 2 years ago

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Steven Mizell

Steven Mizell

Student Athlete

Well, if you ask me, completing your Bachelor’s here and then going for a Master’s outside India is the best option for you. As far as your question regarding which is better is concerned, studying for an MS in Electrical Engineering is a fantastic idea in Germany. Because the universities in this area offer top-notch education, it serves as a hub for international students. But before you make a decision in haste, just take some time to research and compare if your budget covers the cost of living in Germany and which country has better services for students. Where the policies are not too harsh for the students, and where do you desire to go? If you want to ask about any particular university from any of these countries, do let us know because we are here to help.


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