cost to study in Australia for master?

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Blake Prescher

Blake Prescher

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I know expenses take up a huge part in the decision making process of studying abroad. Now that you have shortlisted your country it is understandable to want to know the how much would it cost you to study in Australia. Here I have mentioned the average costs for all kind of expenses that you might incur while studying your masters in Australia: 

Postgraduate Master’s Degree        20000$(1045000INR)-42000$(2194900 INR) annually


Living Costs

Living Expenses        Weekly Budget(in AUD)

Groceries and eating out        140$-280$

Utilities        10$-20$

Phone and Internet        15$-30$

Entertainment        80$-150$

Accommodation Cost

Accommodation Type        Expenses(in AUD)

Hostels and Guesthouses        90$(4700 INR)-150$(7800INR)/week

Shared Rental        95$(4900INR)-215$(11200INR)/week

On-campus        110$(5700INR)-280$(14600INR)/week

Rental        185$(9600INR)-440$(22990INR)/week


Transportation Cost

Distance        Means of Travelling

Short Distance        A short ride on the train or the bus which are all public means of transportation can cost about 3AUD. Weekly passes of 20AUD or monthly passes of 80AUD can be obtained.

Long Distance         For movement across cities, or any area further away, the best way to travel is to pick any of the following options:AirwaysTrainLong-distance bus service


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