College for MCA After completing BCA?

Asked by Anthony almost 2 years ago

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So there are roughly over 100 universities in Canada that offer Masters in Computer Science or MCA. Canada is not just the gateway to high-paying job opportunities but also has a lot of scope for research and development. I have created a list of the best universities in Canada for MCA and let me tell you it’s not just a list based on world rankings. These universities have year after year proven to be the best platform for students from all over the world to come together, gain exceptional skills and get into their desired fields with a strong push they get from the expert faculty there. 

Top Universities in Canada for MCA

University of Toronto
University of Waterloo
University of British Columbia
McGill University
University of Montreal
Now you need to check with each of these universities to see if you match with their academic requirements. I know that it can be a tough task to one by one check the eligibility criteria of each university, and various websites on the internet will tell you various different things, which will only end up confusing you.

Why don’t you tell me about your academic scores, extracurriculars, work experience, etc. and I can find out which universities match your profile. 



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