Canada low budget Master in Marketing colleges without IELTS?

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Nikhil Agarwal

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With the rise of digitization and the rising use of social media and the internet for advertising, the field of marketing is booming in today's society. Students who want to work for international corporations frequently choose to pursue careers in marketing.

Most Canadian universities offer a research-based course called MSc marketing. Students learn about consumer needs, wants, and how they act on them in this course, which focuses on consumer behavior and psychology. The program lasts for two years.

Canadian universities that offer the MSc in Marketing

  1. University of Saskatchewan    
  2. York University    
  3. Concordia University    
  4. University of Guelph    
  5. Queen's University    
  6. University of Lethbridge    
  7. McMaster University    
  8. University of Calgary    
  9. Western University (Ivey Business School)    
  10. HEC Montreal

Qualifications for an MSc in Marketing in Canada

  • The following conditions must be satisfied by the applicant to pursue an MS in marketing in Canada:
  • Scores on the GMAT or GRE are required for admission to most Canadian universities that offer a master's degree in marketing. Any one of these may be requested by the institution. From institution to university, the cutoffs are different.
  • Any applicant for the MSc in Marketing programs in Canada must possess a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. Universities favor degrees that take four years to complete.
  • A strong performance on standardized English language exams is required for any institute overseas. The majority of Canadian institutions demand an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher.

Price of Masters in Marketing in Canada
For the first year of a Master's in Marketing program in Canada, the average cost for an Indian student is about 17.79 lakh INR. The average cost of living is approximately 5.43 lakh INR, although it mostly depends on your lifestyle and outgoings.

The following are the tuition costs for some of Canada's best universities:

  1. University of Saskatchewan    
  2. Tuition Fees in CAD: 9,780
  3. York University    
  4. Tuition Fees in CAD: 57,700
  5. Concordia University    
  6. Tuition Fees in CAD: 30,300
  7. University of Guelph    
  8. Tuition Fees in CAD: 15,510
  9. Queen's University    
  10. Tuition Fees in CAD: 9,790

Masters in Marketing Canada provides a bright future for students pursuing this course. With many job opportunities for graduates holding this degree, the following are some positions with their expected salaries that graduates can get placed in.

Students enrolling in this program can look forward to a bright future thanks to Masters in Marketing Canada. The following job positions and the predicted income for each are just a few of the career options available to graduates with this degree.


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