Can we get a scholarship in the UK without writing IELTS And GRE?

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Scholarships in the UK without IELTS for international students 2022. There are many scholarships available in the UK that the Government of the United Kingdom funds. Scholarships are available for undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degree programs at UK universities. Education in the UK can open doors anywhere in the world. In these Scholarship Programs, all expenses are covered, and IELTS is not required.

The following universities in the UK accept applicants without IELTS or TOEFL, according to information gathered from various sources:

  1. The University of Geneva.
  2. London Southbank University.
  3. The University of Bolton.
  4. The University of Northampton.
  5. The University of Bolton.
  6. Portsmouth University.
  7. Birmingham City University.
  8. The University of Basel.
  9. Swansea University.
  10. The University of Northampton.

Scholarships Available in the UK Without IELTS in 2022: 

#1. Commonwealth UK Scholarship 2022 (200 Scholarships)
Commonwealth UK Scholarships 2022 are now open. A Commonwealth Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship to study in the United Kingdom. You are eligible to apply for a full-time masters or PhD degree program.

#2. Clarendon Scholarship in the UK for 2022 (150 Scholarships)
150 fully financed master's and doctorate scholarships are available to international students through the Clarendon Scholarship. Go to Oxford University to study. You will be automatically considered for the Clarendon Scholarships if you submit your application before the deadline. Application separation is not required.

#3. Achieve the 2022 Oxford Scholarship (1,000 Scholarships)
for the University of Oxford's Reach Oxford Scholarship 2022–2023 application. Reach Oxford offers fully financed scholarships for programmes leading to Bachelor's, Master's, PhD, and Doctoral Degrees. Under this programme, Oxford University offers more than 1,000 scholarships.

#4. British Chevening Scholarship for the UK in 2022 (1,800 Scholarships)
The UK government offers the fully financed Chevening Scholarship to individuals wishing to enrol in full-time (Masters/MPhil) degree programmes at UK universities. Professional background is not required to apply for the Chevening Scholarship. The Chevening Government Scholarship offers 1,800 scholarships from 160 different nations.

#5. Rhodes Scholarship UK 2022 (100 Scholarships)
The United Kingdom will provide the Rhodes Scholarship in 2022. Each year, Rhodes offers 100 scholarships to students from other countries. For master's and PhD degree programmes, the University of Oxford provides Rhodes Scholarships.

The candidate must state in his letter to the institution that he has completed all his English-language courses. You may substitute the university's letter form for an IELTS certificate.


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