Can we get a full scholarship to study at Cambridge or Oxford university?What are its criteria of selection?Also, what are the other expenses other than tuition and hostel fees?

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Oxford and Cambridge universities, moreover mentioned collectively as Oxbridge, maintain an exclusive vicinity in the imagination. However, they additionally have some popular, and from time to time false, stereotypes about the structure of college students that are admitted.

Oxford and Cambridge universities both emphasize that they are searching for enticing the most superb and brightest applicants regardless of background, and have rigorous and truthful utility techniques designed to let the great candidates shine.

Choosing a course
Both Oxford and Cambridge agree that deciding on the degree you wish to study, not which college you choose to attend is the most crucial decision to make. Make sure you study the route's vital points carefully. You will be analyzing for countless years, so it’s crucial to select something you’re without a doubt passionate about.

Oxford and Cambridge have a tendency to run normal academic courses with an emphasis on small-group tuition, and assessment is more frequently in particular based one hundred per cent on examinations.

Choosing between Oxford and Cambridge, 
You can’t examine each Oxford and Cambridge in the same year, so you can also have to select one or the other. Both universities are world-renowned in each art and science subject, so the preference is typically a man or woman.

Cambridge regularly comes above Oxford in the Complete University Guide rankings; alternatively, this is partly due to its hassle mix. Some publications are at one of the universities, alternatively now not the other. It’s necessary to be conscious that publications with a comparable title at the two universities can also be distinctive in content, so you ought to take a Seed to be at the path details to see which one will go nicely with you best.

Collegiate system
Both universities are made up of personal colleges, as true as extraordinary tutorial departments. Academic departments are responsible for core teaching and evaluation, schools supply tutorial and pastoral support, and prepare small crew training on events with a tutor or supervisor from any other college.

Each college will have numerous differences in college students' reading throughout a Nary of hassle areas and tutorial levels.

The college machine affords the advantages of a smaller, interdisciplinary academic college neighbourhood whilst belonging to a large, internationally renowned university.

Each college affords the same remarkable popularity of instructing and the identical excessive tutorial standards. You will have the right to enter your college's facilities, such as a huge library and IT provision, as nicely as the sources of the wider university.

If you decide not to choose a college, you can make an open application.

Teaching methods are comparable at every university, with lectures, seminars, lessons and laboratory work (as wonderful for your course). Oxbridge's college students also benefit from relatively personalized teaching time with experts in their subject. Oxford calls them 'tutorials', whilst Cambridge calls them 'supervisions'. 

Hence , you can   get a full scholarship to study at Cambridge or Oxford university.


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