Can u tell me the best universities for masters in pharmacy in uk?

Asked by Akshaya Bodapati almost 2 years ago

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Abhishek Ahluwalia

Abhishek Ahluwalia

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The study of pharmacy and pharmacology is popular amongst international students in the UK due to

great work placement opportunities, state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty and world changing

research conducted inside departments 

Top Five UK Universities for Pharmacy

1. Queen’s University Belfast

The School of Pharmacy at Queen’s University Belfast is regularly ranked as one of the top pharmacy

schools in the UK and offers undergraduate, postgraduate and distance learning programmes to

international students. Course to consider: Pharmaceutical Sciences BSc

2. Ulster University

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ulster University has been ranked as number

one UK university for pharmacy and pharmacology in three of the last five years and students can choose

from a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.Course to consider: Pharmacy MPharm


3. Cardiff University

Teaching at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Cardiff University is informed and

supported by internationally recognised research and allows students to explore different aspects of

modern pharmacy. Course to consider: Pharmacy (MPharm)

4. Queen Mary, University of London

Queen Mary University has a long tradition of pharmacy and pharmacology excellence and its

Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics programme will help you understand aspects of the drug

development cycle, bioethics and clinical trials, all in-demand skills in the current global climate. Course to

consider: Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics

5. University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool Life Sciences department offers the Pharmacology BSc (Hons) degree which

focuses on a range of different pharmacology, including classical pharmacology, physiology and cell


Course to consider: Pharmacology BSc (Hons)  



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