Can I study MS computer science in Canada after automation and Robotics engineering?

Asked by Shashank about 2 years ago

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Shrikant Goyal

Shrikant Goyal

Founder at WALT INDIA

A big YES!

So to answer this question, Robotics is a multidisciplinary field that uses the concepts of mathematics ( matrices, vectors, linear algebra, and calculus as well!), Mechanical engineering ( Design of robot body, force analysis, gripper analysis, and so on), Electrical and Electronics Engineering ( basic wiring and controlling of the bot) and finally Computer Engineering!

After doing automation and robotics engineering, you have tremendous opportunities in computer science.

You are essentially the brain of the bot! Computer science can be done using python, C, and ROS.

Computer science and Machine Learning are widely accepted fields. For example, suppose you are working on the programming of a UAV. In that case, you'll need the concepts of Computer science so that your bot can see and easily detect obstacles ( via techniques like edge detection) and avoid them. You may also need to use the Convolution Neural Networks to make your bot smarter to easily differentiate between humans, buses, airplanes, and animals and perform the desired tasks.

Also, as CSE, you have a wide scope in autonomous navigation of cars on which companies like Mercedes, Google, Tesla, and Amazon are working.ssentially, YES! You can venture out into the field of computer science after doing automation and robotics engineering. 


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