Can I read an MBA in Harvard University after a BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)?

Asked by Ganga Singh about 2 years ago

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Avani Oswal

Avani Oswal

4th year undergrad student

Harvard Business School is truly THE BEST business school there is. The school uses the "Case Study" method extensively to explain the complex theories of an MBA. 
Speaking of the basic admission criteria of the MBA program, it's no different from the other programs (an undergraduate 4-year degree or equivalent, GMAT etc) . But the tricky part is the "Selectivity" and that's where HBS (Harvard Business School) really does like to show off it's legacy. The selectivity of HBS is less than 12% which makes it an incredibly selective school to get in. So is it impossible to get in? Is it so complex that you simply will never understand how? -- NO!

"A nail boasts of its strength until it meets the hammer!"

Let's begin:


You have to come to terms with yourself and make a concrete DECISION about doing an MBA. You can't be like "Oh maybe I'll do it, maybe I can't" --NO! You either have the grit or you don't. Don't be the middleman. That kills dreams and people. Write your goals down mate, clarity is power!

Step 2: WHY? --

People often ask me for career advice and the best thing that i can tell them is to ask yourself "WHY?" Why do you want this? Why this MBA? Why now? What specific reasons do you have for plan of action? Trust me, this is extremely important. A lot of people ignore it, but i am hoping you will be smart not to! (You will be required to explain this through your essays as well) You have to decide why HBS is the right fit for you and why YOU are the right fit for HBS. You have to do the convincing of the latter to the board.

Step 3: ACE YOUR JOB :

Your work experience is a very important aspect of your resume especially if you do not have the perfect grades. So get yourself employed!! No wait, don't just go and be a paper pusher. Get recruited by the FEEDER COMPANIES such as Delloite, Pwc, IBM, Google etc. Try to land a role apart from IT, perhaps in consulting. There are too many IT engineers who apply for MBA programs. Once you get recruited, don't just do what you're supposed to, DO MORE! BE MORE! Get that promotion, take up that responsibility. Remember HBS is looking for "LEADERS".

Step 4: ACE THE GMAT --

How? Practice, practice, PRACTICE!
"Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect!!"
The median GMAT score for all HBS students tends to be above 700 almost every year. So you know what you have to do already.
When it comes to studies, SMART WORK is more important than hard work. You don't want to study all about how math was discovered when you're told to solve a simple mathematical problem, will you? Of course not! Take those mock tests, get ready and ace the GMAT. 750 + !! Nothing less!


Now serving ice cream at your sister's wedding will not suffice as leadership, go beyond it. Join that club, take up that position, that responsibility, get going on that start-up that's been on your mind for quite some time. ENTREPRENEURSHIP is crucial when you're applying to business school. They don't want a good candidate, they want the BEST!

Step 6: Research the school --

Oh but I already know HBS, it's the best school in the world, I want to be a part of the legacy and the school is so great and.. STOP, RIGHT THERE! HBS doesn't want people to pander to them about how great they are, they have thousands of applicants fighting for a handful of seats in their university so they get that they are the best. But what they really want to see is how genuine you are in your interest in the school. How bad do you want it? That would show in your research, in your interviews, your essays, everywhere. So don't ever skip out on this one.

Step 7: ESSAYS --

Need I say more? Probably one of the most important aspects of the application. Don't ever ignore it. Learn how to tell your story, and write and rewrite several drafts before you prepare the final essay. It's crucial that you do so. TELL YOUR STORY in a COMPELLING MANNER. That's what makes all the difference between an extraordinary essay and an ordinary one.
"Explanation NOT excuses is the key to nailing this one!"


I suppose this is where you really do STAND OUT! Don't go dressed up like James Bond and expect to crack it. No. Be simple, be yourself. Don't try to fake that accent if you don't usually speak like that. The ad com (admissions committee, I figured you might ask) is not stupid, so they know the cards that you're playing. Most importantly, be CONFIDENT and highlight your STRENGTHS as well as your WEAKNESSES WITH HONESTY. Don't hide anything, trust me they WILL FIND OUT.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

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