Can I get scholarship to study abroad in the best economic school?

Asked by Disha over 1 year ago

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MentR-Me Team

Well, the most affecting factor here is your profile. It's your academic records and curricular that decide what kind of scholarship you can get. Plus the location choice of your study abroad also matters in getting scholarships in the best economic school. If you do not have a current place or country in your mind I can surely suggest some places and scholarship tips to you.

The first thing you need to know is where you are applying. Because based on the country of your choice, your scholarship chances can be assessed. Imagine you get an Indian scholarship that covers a lot of your expenses. The abroad universities and their governments also offer many scholarships. Those can also be grabbed to get even more support on your finances. But the university you are applying to is in a small country with not many options, your scholarships will also be limited.

Places like the USA, UK, Canada and Australia have renowned universities that have their very own scholarships. Plus, since these countries are very popular choices, they have economic schools as well. You can find all sorts of universities there from costing big bucks to very affordable ones. To secure big scholarships, you must prepare a profile worth noticing. Attempt tests like GRE/GMAT and score big. Include certificates and curricula in your profile to make it expensive.

Scholarships also differ in value and variety. If you want to know your exact chances of a scholarship abroad just ask. Happy to help anytime.


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