Can I get into Universities even if have low percentage.?

Asked by Venkatesh over 1 year ago

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Aman Soren

Aman Soren

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Yes. See, it relies upon how low and what other situations there are, but there are university courses that will receive any one with negative A level results.

If the question were ‘can I get into Oxford/Cambridge/Durham/Med School/Russell crew universities with low A level grades’ then the answer will be no. Unless your concept of ‘low’ is Bs and Cs in which case you might get into one of the Russell group college courses.

But, really, earlier than you even chose your A levels, you ought to have been advised to seem at Choose your future to locate guides you want to do and get the information on what qualifications and at what grades you want to get there. There is such a variety of guides and degrees out there that you cannot recognize what you can do with the qualifications you have till you look.

So, for Oxford, Cambridge, Medical college and most of the Russell group, you are in all likelihood to be quoted unique A level subjects at high grades (As, possibly some Bs). If you turn up with the right topics however at too low grades you won’t be considered. If you turn up with the right grades but in the wrong subjects you additionally won’t be considered. Even with each the proper subjects and the proper grades you could nonetheless be anticipated to pass by entrance tests and interviews and even then you may additionally no longer get in without a doubt due to the fact there are one hundred locations and 200 applicants (all with the equal grades) and you ranked 120 These publications have a tendency to be oversubscribed due to the fact each person needs to do them so they also tend to set greater standards.

Other universities will list ‘UCAS points’ for entry. This is a variety derived from your grades. Two matters about this:

UCAS factors can be derived from guides different from A levels, i.e. stage 3 BTEC. Which means you can look at different courses either instead of or as properly as your A levels and still have them counted. You don’t get that with most of the universities stated above (in fact some even rule out BTECs altogether).

If a wide variety is given in UCAS points, it means they don’t usually care what subjects you have studied. OK, once in a while they might also say ‘must include…’ and identify an issue but they aren’t as restricted as above. So, where a medical college would possibly say ‘AAA in Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Maths’ a Biomedical Science degree might say ‘120 UCAS factors consisting of at least one science’. Now, you get 60 factors for an A at A level, 50 for a B, 40 for a C and so on. Most publications ask for between 90 and one hundred twenty points, which is plausible with ‘low grades’ of C’s and D’s.



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