Can I get fully funded scholarship?

Asked by Namri over 1 year ago

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Hey, there's nothing like a fully funded scholarship however here's a list of TOP Scholarships abroad for Indian students -

1. Chevening Scholarship (UK)
Offered to international students seeking a one-year master's degree from UK universities. The Chevening scholarship is available for all international students coming from Chevening-eligible countries. However, it is mandatory for students to have an admission offer letter to apply for the scholarship. Also, applicants must have at least 2 years of work experience to be eligible and satisfy the language proficiency requirements. Although language proficiency is now optional, adding it can increase your chances. 

2. Fulbright Scholarships (USA)
Full bright is one of the most popular scholarships among international students who want to study in USA. Offered to over 4,000 students from 155 different countries, only a selected meritorious student can avail of all the benefits. It is a government-based scholarship eligible for all graduates, teachers, artists and professionals, provided they have studied for at least one year in USA. The eligibility for the scholarship may vary with the country.

3. Endeavor Postgraduate Awards (Australia)
The endeavor postgraduate awards are the Australian government's internationally competitive, merit-based scholarships for eligible non-Australians to study postgraduate programs at a Master's or PhD level. Your course level can be coursework or research in any field for more than 4 years. You must be a permanent resident of a participating country to be eligible for the scholarship. High-level academics with a good academic profiles are the selection criteria for it.

4. GREAT Scholarships (UK)
GREAT scholarship is offered to international students from 14 different countries for a wide range of 1 year taught postgraduate degree courses. During the 2023 -24 academic year, over 200 scholarships are provided by more than 49 universities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. UK's government jointly funds each scholarship with their participating institutions like UCL, University of Nottingham, New Castle University etc. 

5. Commonwealth Scholarship 
Commonwealth scholarship is offered to Masters and PhD students seeking admission to UK universities. This is distributed through the British Council to deserving students from Commonwealth partner countries. The applicants must have good proficiency in the English language and have secured at least 70% or more in their academics. Engineering, Agriculture, Social Sciences and Humanities, Pure and Applied Sciences students are eligible for the scholarship.

I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any more questions!


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