Can I get admission into University in Ontario, Canada for MSc Computer Science. My bachelor's grade is 8 GPA and I'm from JNTU University. No job experience, bachelors stream CSE (ai&ml)?

Asked by Sri charan over 1 year ago

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Aman Soren

Aman Soren

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For research-based master's programs in computer science, you'll need a faculty member who will accept you on par with PhD candidates in other nations; however, for program-based master's programs, you'll need a passing grade point average.
Lakehead University will readily accept you as you will be effortlessly qualified.
You can look up the prerequisites for research-based and course-based 

Thesis-Based Masters
Thesis-Based Masters at the University of Alberta, which I highly suggest.


  • The majority of pupils finish these criteria in their first year. The minimum specifications are:
  • Four graduate-level courses in computer science (either 500 or 600 level)
  • Only one "special themes" course is permitted (CMPUT 605)
  • Discussions with the Graduate Chair are required for exceptions to receiving credit for non-CS courses.

Teaching and research methods are one of the courses (CMPUT 603). Training Requirements for TAs: Graduate students are required to attend our TA Training Workshop (offered early in September). This is regarded as a prerequisite for CMPUT 603. FGSR's Graduate Teaching and Learning Week are held in late August or early January, and we urge graduate students to participate in the teaching-focused events during that time. 

Two FGSR workshops on ethics are responsible for handling the Ethics Training Requirement mandated by FGSR. These can be taken in late August or early January during FGSR's Graduate Teaching and Learning Week. Graduate Ethics Training (GET) online modules. CMPUT 603 takes care of this. 

Requirement for Professional Development Within the first 12 months of your program, you must finish your development plan. You must complete the workbook and review it with your supervisor to fulfil this requirement. 

Professional development activities for eight hours; CMPUT 603 is responsible for these hours. Career development (communication, networking, and collaboration), professional practice, entrepreneurship and intellectual property, and teaching techniques are typically included in this subject. Complete the form. 

Indicate CMPUT 603, 8 hours, along with the date you took the course, for PD hours. Your supervisor will sign the document once you've spoken with them about your IDP workbook. If CMPUT 603 has been waived for you to fulfil your PD requirement, speak with the department.

maintaining a GPA of at least 2.7 on a scale of 4.0
You must reside (in the Department at the University of Arizona) for at least two terms of full-time study.

Therefore, you can get admission to the university of Ontario, Canada, for an MSc in Computer Science. Do you want any more questions answered? 


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