Can I get admission in PG in CSE in UK Univs even if I have a Non-cse Btech degree in Graduation?Also what would be the eligibility criteria?

Asked by Mehul Kumar over 1 year ago

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Deepali Singh

Deepali Singh

MentR-Me Team

Study Abroad Expert

Yes, unlike, the bulk of MS degrees are given by top-tier institutes in India and around the world. So these institutes have their own admissions system (An interview even after a national level Exam). In such circumstances, you must demonstrate your expertise in computer science or explain why you prefer a different field. Admission chances have improved. If you have outstanding knowledge of core computer science and programming, as well as some certifications. You have at least two years of experience working in the IT business. Most universities review the student's profiles and assign a score based on their qualifications. This score is based on foreign languages and English tests. They will evaluate your application based on your skill in that subject, which is your ability to complete the course without difficulty. So, if you have multiple credentials, work experience, and so on, your chances of having your profile shortlisted among those who have completed CS UG are great. Some countries, such as Germany, have a stringent student admissions procedure in which students are admitted based on credits earned in previous studies. If you apply for CS, they will evaluate you based on your UG topics. It is therefore quite improbable that you will be admitted to such universities if you want to alter your major. If you have any further queries just ask me.


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