Can i expect to study in USA in Electronics for a budget of 20-25 Lakhs with a very good profile maintaining atleast 75% overall in alll my studies?

Asked by Arvind about 1 year ago

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Getting to pursue a MS in electronics and communication in USA, a country known as the hub of technology and communications definitely has a positive outlook. Electronics and communication engineering in USA, an interdisciplinary branch of engineering mainly deals with design, development and testing of various electronic technologies and will also prepare you to administer the manufacturing of such systems. If you are an Indian student, post completing electronics and communication engineering masters in USA, you can even get some great work opportunities back in India with All India Radio, Civil Aviation, Bharat Electronics Ltd., Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Hindustan petroleum Corporation Ltd. among other MNCs eager to employ graduates.

Why Study Masters in Electronics and Communication Engineering in USA?

One of the first things a student considers before applying for a course is whether the course is worth pursuing or not. As for masters in electronics and communication engineering in USA, there is definitely immense scope and growing demand in the field. Here are the reasons why you should consider pursuing MS courses in USA for electronics and communication engineering:

-If we consider the rankings of electronic engineering universities in USA, 4 universities rank in the top 10 including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of California - Berkeley and Harvard University.

-USA is home to several Fortune 500 companies opening doors for graduates in the field of electronics and communication engineering in USA.

-Additionally, the Silicon Valley in California is the largest IT hub in the USA which is why professionals in the IT, engineering and software sector are always in demand.

-Scope of electronics and communication engineering in USA in research and development is also outstanding.

-The skills that this course can develop in an individual are much in demand and helpful in building a successful career such as problem solving ability, analytical skills, project management, judgment skills, etc. all on top of development of advanced communication and electronics concepts.

Best Universities in USA for MS in Electronics and Communication Engineering

There are several related specializations in this branch of engineering offered at some of the best universities in USA for MS in electronics and communication engineering. If you are planning to get admission to MS in electronics and communication engineering in USA, take a look at the leading universities offering courses in this field of study:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stanford University
University of California - Berkeley
Georgia Institute of Technology
Carnegie Mellon University
Princeton University


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