Can I do master's in English language from any foreign countries?

Asked by Samiran Habib almost 2 years ago

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Kaivan Dave

Kaivan Dave

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Yes, ofcourse. 

Generally, Masters in English Literature is highly opted for when planning to study literature abroad. Especially, because of its significant focus on the language. Aspiring students choose to study MA English Literature abroad to gain important advanced knowledge about the subject. MFA Creative Writing, Professional Writing and Literacy studies are other considerable options for learning aspects of literature.

Best countries to pursue Masters in Literature

British Literature is one of the greatest examples of literary compositions. English Literature abroad is significant course in this field in the UK. Creative Writing is often considered as the other specialization that will teach you aspects of writing. Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing or Master of Studies in Fine Arts in Creative Writing are the two other options that you can choose for studying Literature in UK. 

Literature is considered as one the most sought after courses in the USA. Universities in the USA offer a variety of programs that satisfy students willing to acquire knowledge in Literature. You can opt to study Masters in Literature in USA which has pedagogy that focuses on the evolution of writing, types of writing and composition of writing. 

There are several universities in Canada that offer literature related programs. Writing programs are conducted in many universities in this country that are offered at levels starting from Bachelors to PhD. Canada has many other courses in Literature that are meant to equip aspiring students with knowledge that can prepare them for a career that has aspects of Literature.

Top universities for English Literature:
1. Durham University, United Kingdom
2. University of Oxford, United Kingdom
3. Boston University, United States of America
4. Northwestern University, United States of America
5. The University of British Columbia, Canada

Let me know if you need any help in shortlisting the best-suited colleges for your profile or any other information. 



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