Can I apply to 2 programs in the same university?

Asked by Ram Gupta about 2 years ago

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Blake Prescher

Blake Prescher

Senior Expert Blockchain Research

The simple answer to your question is; YES! It is very much possible for you to apply for 2 programs in the same university. Has it to be the same school or university, if there is no restriction of some kind, you are free to do so. Having said that, I think you should know a little bit more about this. Being extra sure doesn’t hurt anyone, right?

So for starters, one question comes into everyone’s mind; how can I do this? The answer is simple. When you apply to 2 different programs in the same university, you have to do it differently. What it means is, if you can’t put up good arguments for both programs, you may get rejected from both. To avoid so, include your abilities and skill sets that are universal and transferable. This way, it would not appear as you are lying because your skills can be applied to both of the programs.

Having said that, keep in mind to present different qualities as well. You will need the admission committee to see the relevance between you and the program. To do that, you would not be able to use the same attributes for 2 different programs. For example, skills like leadership, teamwork and communication can work for both. However, strengths like coding, analysis, mathematics may not suit every program. Work your way to utilize all your points.

The good thing is, since you will be preparing 2 times, you will gain a good perspective of the university. Because applying for 2 different programs will require 2 different perspectives. Having to understand a university from different angles will help you to see in between. Use all your learnings into your profile building.

Your biggest challenge will be your SOPs. Since you have to explain your statement of purpose (SOP) for joining 2 different programs, it will be very difficult to navigate the common line. Like at one stage you are telling that you are best fit for the university and this particular program. But again, you are doing the same for the other program. This will make you look like incompetent as the committee will not see this as good.

The solution here is to analyze the programs very closely. You have to explain yourself why you deserve both of these programs. And if these 2 programs are very different then it can be a problem. Either apply to 2 related programs or take help from an expert. Here we can help you to build the perfect profile so you can apply to your dream school. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below. I’ll see you get your query resolved.


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