Between Canada and UK, Which country is good for PGDM in Supply Chain or International Business Management?

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Nikhil Agarwal

Nikhil Agarwal

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A highly specialized degree in supply chain management focuses on managing brands and creating brand strategies. Students can maximize their management abilities and chances for employment in administrative departments by pursuing a Master of Science in supply chain management in the UK. It improves their capacity for teamwork and analysis. We have discussed every facet of obtaining an MSc in Supply Chain Management in the UK, including the best universities, entrance standards, employment prospects, and more!
The UK's MSc Supply Chain Management programme provides prospective students with a wealth of fieldwork, management, research, administrative, and economics options. Here are some explanations of why MSc Supply Chain Management is worth studying in the UK:

  • Several chances to work for international branding organizations.
  • After earning the degree, you will have the most robust credentials to fill managerial posts.
  • Supply chain management job prospects in the UK are expected to soar in the following years due to COVID-19.
  • Due to increased competition, aspirants can improve their family business using their management skills.

UK's Top Schools for MSc Supply Chain Management 

  1. The University of Manchester at #27
  2. The University of Leeds at #92
  3. The University of Warwick at #61
  4. The University of Southampton at #77
  5. Durham University at #82
  6. The University of Sheffield at #95
  7. The University of Nottingham at #103
  8. The University of Sussex at#226
  9. The University of Bath at #166 

Professional supply chain and logistics managers are more in demand to oversee the efficiency and effectiveness of the sector due to the expanding need for competent logistics on the global market. To address this demand, Canadian colleges have created the unique discipline of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, enabling students to comprehend the complexity of the industry entirely. In Canada, candidates can pursue a specialized MS/MSc, MBA, or MiM degree in supply chain management. For overseas students, the curriculum typically costs between $23,000 and $47,000 (INR 17 lakhs and INR 35 lakhs) for one to two years.
In the next five years, Canada is anticipated to have roughly 356,700 SCM job opportunities, making it a new desirable site for master's programmes in the field. With a master's degree in this profession from Canada, international students can take on managerial or tactical responsibility in several areas. In addition, Canada is a desirable location for overseas students to study this degree because postgraduates in MSCM can find high-paying positions with an entry-level salary of up to USD 83,000 [INR 62 lakhs] per year.

Canada's Top Schools for MSc Supply Chain Management 

  1. York Schulich School of Business, York University
  2. HEC Montreal
  3. University of Windsor
  4. University of Manitoba
  5. Concordia University
  6. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
  7. Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta
  8. DeGroote School of Business, University in Hamilton
  9. Universite Laval

So both countries are good. You can pursue this degree either in Us or Canada, and it will be all worth it. Hopefully, this answer helped you. 


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