Best university for masters in structural design?

Asked by Shrawani Pradip Nilkanth almost 2 years ago

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sourav grover

sourav grover

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Structural engineering is a part of the civil branch. So I suggest looking for the university accordingly. The USA in particular has many good engineering colleges. If I have to suggest, I'll definitely look there for options. But if you are looking particularly for the best one I would say University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

The university has a MS Civil & Environmental Engineering program that is best suited for structural design. This program at UCLA has a dedicated specialization in Structural Engineering and Mechanics. To be specific this program emphasizes -


  • computational mechanics
  • fracture mechanics
  • laboratory testing
  • seismic health monitoring
  • soil-structure interaction
  • sensors and optimal design

In terms of name and status, UCLA is among the very best ones for engineering courses. It has a caliber even on the same level as MIT, Stanford kind of universities for its engineering department. One of the best things here is the laboratories available in this speciality. Infrastructure wise, it's the #1 option for you. Plus, doing a masters in structural design course from the USA is recognized globally too.

If you prefer otherwise, some Canadian universities are also good for structural engineering. If you want detailed information on this topic, just leave a comment. If I were to know some of your preferences, it would be easier to find the results. 

You can also check out the FREE School explore Tool here to get a list of schools based on your profile and preferences. Trust me, it would make the process of school selection much easier. 


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