Best pg course in UK?I have completed BSc electronics and communication science?

Asked by Hajira over 1 year ago

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Neha Shah

Neha Shah

Undergrad Student at Miranda House

Since you mentioned your BSc in electronics and communication, I recommend staying with your field. Like you can apply for any kind of masters abroad regardless of what you have studied in your undergrad. But I’ll always say that following a course that you are familiar with is better in every situation.

And for this, I’ll suggest doing a MSc Electric & Electronic Engineering course. I would have mentioned something else. But since you want to do your pg in the UK, this is your best option. Maybe engineers are not so much valued here in India. But in European countries like the UK, it is one of the highest paid professions. Even an average specialized engineer earns around 50 lakhs of annual income there.

MSc Electric & Electronics Engineering fits perfectly with your bachelors. Here, you will be more comfortable  because you are already familiar with these subject modules. The kinds of specializations you can do in this course are good. Btw, if you do pursue this course, I suggest going for Sheffield Hallam University in the UK.

The university is widely recognized and known for its engineering and technology. It has been awarded a maximum five stars in the QS Stars excellence rating (top marks in almost every category; teaching, employability, academic development, facilities, and innovation and inclusivity).

If you like I can give you full detail on this topic. Just let me know in the comments whether you like the suggestion or need some more information. 


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