Best degree after bpharmacy to pursue and in which country?

Asked by Samreen Rana almost 2 years ago

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Abhishek Ahluwalia

Abhishek Ahluwalia

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Hello Sameen. Hope you’re doing good!

So from what I’ve heard from peers, after B.Pharmacy, you have the option of doing a Master’s in pharmacy or an MBA in Pharmacy. There is a very thin line between the two. So if you want to learn more about the pharmacy sector, you can go with M.Pharma, but if you wish to explore the sector with a side of management also, like how the pharmacy business works, how it is managed and operated, you should go ahead with doing an MBA in pharmacy.

There are various countries that offer pharmacy studies and the best ones with the most opportunities include the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, and Canada. If you need help in shortlisting colleges based on your academic background, you can evaluate your profile in 7 easy steps at and then get a list of the best colleges that you can apply to. 

Did my insight help you? Let me know if you want some more information about the course. 


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