Best Data Science books for beginners, intermediate and advanced Level?

Asked by Raj Singh almost 2 years ago

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Basically, you have all kinds of books available for data science. Because the subject is gaining more and more popularity in current times, the options for you are also becoming wider. I have many suggestions that fit on every level; beginner, intermediate and advanced. But mentioning earthing is not viable and it will take time.

So what I have is the very best options for you in each category. Let's start with the best data science books for beginners then. Naming a specific book is no use. Every student has their own preferences. I suggest looking for an introduction to Machine Learning & Python books. The very first things you will need to learn in data science is Python language and machine learning. These things are  used to grapes most of the content in a data science course. Start with easy and work your way up.

For intermediate level, my suggestions are; Pattern Recognition, Data Analytics & naked Statistics. Pattern recognition is something that is used in a majority of job roles that falls under data science. You will need this if you are looking forward to applying for a dedicated job in this subject. Data analytics is basically your core aspect to learn. Naked statistics is however a niche area. But in many cases, it proves to determine the course modules. Look for books that are based on these three areas to learn intermediate data science.

Now, here it gets tricky. See, for an advanced level there are basically no specific suggestions. Because at this stage, you already have your specialization planned and the area of data science varies from person to person. If you would have mentioned your special interest area, it would be easier to recommend some books to you. But for a general overview, here are my suggestions -


  • Advance Data Science
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • Advanced R

These are the most common topics I can think of if you want to learn data science on an advanced level. After graduating from a data science course, you will see how many job profiles are available in niche areas under these subjects. Basically, these are your core general areas of data science that design all the professions. Have these mastered and you will ever be secured for a job in the data science field.

If you want some specific recommendation that fits your exact needs, leave down your thoughts in the comments below. By judging your particular interests, it will be easier to recommend your books on each level. One more tip, look for AICPA certification when you buy a book in this section as it will ensure liability.


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