Best course for luxury brand management?

Asked by Ann Maria about 2 years ago

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Nipun Mahajan

Nipun Mahajan


If you are looking for luxury brand management, you have both options; an MBA or a Masters/MSc. Now I don’t want to pressure you but I would definitely choose MBA or a master's. And believe me, it's not just because an MBA is a bigger degree, what it is. But the reason is your favourite subject.

Luxury brand management is already somewhat connected to the business sector. I’m sure you will be more satisfied with an MBA in luxury brand management. And also, business schools are far more influential than any university. So with a bigger degree, you will also be acknowledged more. Choosing jobs and networking is much easier with an MBA.

The answer to your desired courses is NYU Stern's Fashion & Luxury MBA. NYU Stern is not only one of the best business schools but it also has a name in luxury brand management. For sure I can tell you that it does offer the best luxury MBA in the USA. The degree is a one-year MBA with real-world project experience. And if you start listing the hotels and companies hiring for the school, you will be busy for hours.

The specialization will be in the luxury market. It is a luxury and fashion MBA so basically, your experience will go as such. And do I even need to tell you about New York, the location? New York City is a hub for luxury, culture, brands and much more. In many ways, it is much better than some other European cities. All this makes it the perfect location to set up your career in the city and country.

I’m sure you also want just a thing like that, right?

Let me know if this helped and if you want me to give you any more information. 



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