Best country to pursue B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering?

Asked by Adit Aggarwal about 2 years ago

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Vinamra Jain

Vinamra Jain

CSE undergrad student | Minor in Communication

So to begin with, universities abroad do not generally offer B.Tech courses. Instead, they use BSc as an alternate name. So you may see a different named bachelor course in mechanical engineering. No need to get confused, they are the same level undergraduate courses named differently.

You must already know how much Germany has developed in their engineering industries. Especially mechanical engineering that goes well with other professions. All the core areas in mechanical engineering like automotive, design, integration are well built in the German economy. Companies like Volkswagen alone are enough to hire a whole batch of graduates from mechanical engineering bachelors.

Germany has many top-ranked universities that match your course description. Tough the best part is; top engineering universities in Germany are actually ranked best for undergraduate degrees as well. It's not like you have to go to different universities for good bachelors and masters. In case you plan to further pursue a master in the same subject, you will be all set. 

Germany is also cheaper than the USA, Canada, and the UK. On average, you will be more secure with Germany as your choice. Plus the cost of living in Germany is relatively low. All in all, you will get top mechanical engineering bachelors with low cost from top countries. Does it get any better than this? Actually yes, German universities are also partnered-up with hundreds of companies globally. You will be getting a big network to work or study after undergraduation.


Let me know if you need any more information and I'll be happy to help!


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