Best country to pursue a Masters in Public Health?

Asked by Dr.Anusha Ak almost 2 years ago

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Ajay Kaparwan

Ajay Kaparwan

Founder & CEO at Blackcoffe

The healthcare industry is most successful in either the uSA or the UK. There are several universities there that are known for their specialized programs  in public health. However, if I have to choose, I would go with the USA. The country has more excellent universities hence more options, a good healthcare industry and bigger earnings.

In the USA, the federal government's spending for health care grew 36.0% in 2020. Previous year to that, the numbers were 5.9% in total. Of-course this was in response to the global pandemic COVID-19. However, it does show the potential the USA has to overgrow an industry based on circumstances. Many healthcare professionals there earn more than six-figure salaries.

It’s not all about the earnings and growth which is why I’m suggesting the USA. The entrepreneurship sector here is also quite booming. In public health you can start your own clinic or a research department. The government is very supportive towards the public health sector there. You can either start your own work or find lucrative jobs in various firms and companies present in the country.

Not to mention, the most popular institutes for public health; Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, John Hopkins are all situated in the USA. If you have good qualifications, these universities can change the outcome of your professional life. Graduates from these universities are working global on top positions earning more than enough.

If you want some other suggestions based on various budgets, I would be happy to help. We all know how tuition fees can be a headache. Try the free SCHOOL EXPLORE QUIZ to get your best options list and I can further help you with the details. 



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