Best country for media management with placements?

Asked by poornima dhokane about 1 year ago

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Firstly placements are not a thing in universities abroad. Instead, you will find job fairs. So either you look for a media management course or anything else, you will be very responsible for your job placement there. It’s an abundance of opportunities abroad. 

So for the country, I suggest looking for the USA. From an overall perspective, the USA seems to be the perfect fit for this career. I mean the UK, Canada and Australia are also good. But compared to the USA they do not have an economy that has a huge share of media and entertainment. The media management sector there is more comprehensive and wide.

One of the reasons for recommending the USA is the options. The country has been the #1 spot for international students for years. You will find more universities to study in the USA compared to many countries combined. More universities mean more courses, which means more options. Also, the country is a hub for other industries. Since the media is involved in covering every industry, you get better and more job opportunities in the USA.

About the placements and job fairs, you can use your networking skills to connect with many firms, companies and other students. Because who knows, instead of joining a company, your classmates are planning their own business. It's always better to network when it comes to global possibilities.

If you are planning for a media management course abroad, let me know. We can together find out the best places and universities to apply. Nothing can be certainly stated without looking at your academic records first.


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