BCA in data science- Top Schools, Eligibility and placements?

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Abhishek Ahluwalia

Abhishek Ahluwalia

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Data science is one of the highest paying jobs in the current world and not just this it is also one of the most in-demand jobs of the future. I’m sure that you all know these facts, right? So I’m not gonna boast about the greatness of data science, I will simply answer your question about the BCA program, the top schools, eligibility and placements. 

So first of all let’s discuss what is BCA? And can you really become a data scientist after this? 

So the answer is, that BCA is a three-year graduate degree in computer and mathematical sciences. And yes, you can definitely become a data scientist after this as it is an advanced data science course that is going to help you in attaining in-depth knowledge in data science and software application subjects.

Now to the next part of your question, the top three schools that provide the BCA degree are:- 

University of Melbourne: 
Harvard University
New York University

These universities are the ones that are always in the top ranks around the world. And not just this, if you look at their notable alumni, then you will find that they have already delivered a lot of great people to the world, and who knows, maybe you can be the next personality from one of the above universities. 

But for that you must get in there and to get in there, you need to know what are the eligibility requirements for these universities. So the eligibility requirements of these universities are almost the same, here are the eligibility criteria for these colleges: 

You must have more than 50% in your higher secondary education. 
The universities accept both IELTS as well as TOEFL scores, in TOEFL you must have a minimum of 80 and in IELTS minimum score of 6.5 will be sufficient. 

Apart from these common criteria, there are others as well that you can check out at the university’s website. The alumni of the above universities have got placed at some of the best companies in the world. Some of the common companies that hire graduates from these universities are: 

And many more. 

So, which university you are going to check out first?



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