Assurance of living in usa after MBA?

I want to do MBA from US but feel insecure about the future. Mainly due to tough visa rules of work permit after course and also the uncertainty of the h1-B visa , if Trump return he can ban it again. Do you think if I do mba from there I can easily live there after getting job?

Asked by Amitesh Singh about 1 year ago

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Prakhar Tyagi

Prakhar Tyagi

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An MBA in USA can be a 1 to 2-year long course, depending upon the type of program a candidate has selected. Based on personal choice and availability of the specialization, applicants can opt for a regular MBA, Executive MBA or Part-time MBA.

The course structure of the MBA program is designed in a way to provide a combination of internships and project works. 

Having high GDP growth to multicultural societies, the USA becomes the all in one destination for international students to pursue their MBA programs.

Furthermore, an MBA will help you change your career and expand your prospects for advancement. 

According to the GMAC Application Trends survey 2019, 50% of foreign applicants apply to the United States in order to obtain a position in the United States.

Apart from the job opportunities, the United States is home to the majority of the world’s best business schools. As a result, an MBA from a top business school will open doors to a variety of opportunities.

Furthermore, the best MBA programs in the United States have a strong brand value, giving you an advantage over other MBA graduates. 

Because of the prestige of its educational system, approximately 75% of prospective students select the United States as their study destination.

MBA graduates in the United States have a wide range of career opportunities. If the university is known, you can get a job even if you have an MBA from another country. It might not be as simple as it seems, but depending on your background and degree, you may stand a fair chance.

University - Weighted Post MBA Salary in $ - Weighted Post MBA Salary in INR (Approx.)

Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University $228,000 1.69 crores

Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania $197,300 1.46 crores

Harvard Business School, Harvard University $205,500 1.52 crores

University of Chicago, Booth School of Management $185,900 1.38 crores

MIT, Sloan $188,200 1.39 crores

Columbia Business School $184,100 1.36 crores

The University of California Berkeley, Haas School of Management $188,800 1.40 crores 

Dartmouth College $173,600 1.29 crores

Northwestern University $170,800 1.27 crores

Yale School of Management $172,500 1.28 crores


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