As a science stream student, what should I take further after 12 other then Medical and engineering and what country is the best and most affordable?

Asked by Teranshang Tontang about 2 years ago

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Vinamra Jain

Vinamra Jain

CSE undergrad student | Minor in Communication

Hello, how are you doing?

Science is a pretty wide subject. It's good you have narrowed it by eliminating at least two major fields. In this case, I recommend IT and software. The best factor for pursuing a bachelor in IT and software is its scope. First quality courses are available around the world. Plus you get to obtain excellent online certifications in this era by not doing much. Moreover, IT (and healthcare) is the most growing sector globally, so high career opportunities. Software courses will provide an immense network and further education options. You can easily switch between specializations as per your desire after an undergraduate degree in the software program.

If IT and software do not fit your demands, how about computer programs for healthcare. I see how healthcare can be a different line, but know that nursing and pharmacy professionals are the most paid job profiles globally. And scientific input in healthcare is the future. It is most relevant to the current economy. About computer courses, I would advise you to go for it if you seek a relaxed and easy career approach. The employment and earnings are stable and good. 

You first of all need to narrow down the course preference and then move ahead with shortlisting the right country and then the university. If you need help with all this, you can get in touch with experts at 

They will let you know the best suitable courses for your profile and also guide you through scholarships that you can avail, to make your studying abroad super affordable. 

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