Are there any Scholarships available for PG Diploma in Canada?

Is there any Scholarships for post graduation diploma in finance or marketing in Canada?

Asked by Iffat Amina over 1 year ago

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Nikhil Agarwal

Nikhil Agarwal

MentR-Me Team

Country Expert : Australia

A career-focused education that offers practical experience in a particular profession is the PG Diploma in Canada. In Canada, community colleges and SPP institutions typically offer this condensed form of a postgraduate degree. 

Diploma Scholarships, Fellowships, and grants for international students in Canada

Novus Biologicals Scholarships, 2023

Bachelors, Masters, Diploma

Partial Funding

Science related fields

Open to citizens of the US, UK, and Canada

Anywhere across the world

NATA Business Scholarship, 2022

Bachelors, Diploma, Training & Short courses

Partial Funding

Aviation or pilot certification

Open to all nationalities

Any accredited college or University which offers an Aviation or pilot training program

Scotiabank International Partner Entrance Scholarships

Bachelors, Diploma, Training & Short courses

Partial Funding

Programs offered by the University

Open to all nationals except Canadians

George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology, Canada

Canadian Center For Occupational Health And Safety (CCOHS) Dick Martin Scholarship Award 2022

Bachelors, Diploma

Partial Funding

Occupational health and safety

Open to Canadian and International students enrolled in a Canadian school

Any accredited university in Canada

American Association For University Women - International Fellowships

Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D., Post Doc, Diploma, Training & Short courses

Partial Funding


Open to international students

The United States for graduate Lila Fahlman Scholarships For Muslim Women In Canada, 2021

Bachelors, Masters, Diploma

Partial Funding

All subjects of study

Open to female Muslim citizens of Canada

Universities or Colleges in Canada

studies and anywhere else for other studies

Government Of Sri Lanka AsiDisi Media Scholarships, 2017

Masters, Diploma, Training & Short courses, Other

Only tuition fees


Open to Sri Lankan journalists

Universities/educational institutions around the world

Laval University's Hydro-Québec Admission Scholarship In Canada, 2022

Bachelors, Masters, Diploma

Partial Funding 

Selected Courses offered at the University

Open for all nationalities

Vale Manitoba Operations Post-Secondary Scholarship

Bachelors, Diploma

Partial Funding

Mine Engineering, Geological Engineering, Geology

Open to Canadian nationals

Canadian Educational Institutions

In Canada's universities, a PG Diploma is a 1-2 year program that allows students to combine two one-year courses to specialize in a particular topic. Students must achieve specific set grades (which vary depending on the college) and complete industrial projects as part of the study to complete the PG Diploma courses in Canada. Studying for a PG certificate in Canada might cost between 7 and 15 lakh INR.

Hopefully, this will help. It would be recommended to check the official site for all these related scholarships, as the deadline and eligibility criteria change over time. 


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