Are the MSc degrees from the UK, valid and recognized in India and the US?

Asked by Ramu Rai over 2 years ago

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paul larsenee

paul larsenee

Head of Capital Markets at Williams Trading, LLC

Not just the MSc degrees, any graduate level degree from the UK is recognized in India and USA. It's not just recognition, if you are concerned about certain qualifications needed for jobs, do not worry. Whatever job your master degree in India can do here, a UK degree can do as well. Same goes for the USA.

THis topic can be a concern, but think about studying abroad. You know how many students visit the UK to study abroad, right? Not all of them are aiming to settle in the UK for a career. Many students go abroad for a bigger degree and work here in India.  With a UK MSc degree, you can apply for any job here in India or USA. This goes the same for further education as well.

For example, if you apply for a PhD or any post-graduation, your masters from the UK is equally valid. I will not deny that there may be some irregularity but nothing in the sense of degree recognition. For example obviously a USA-based university will prefer a USA masters. But even in this situation, a UK MSc degree is nothing if not accepted here.

I believe the major factors to think here are what sectors are better in what countries. Because this will address the effect of the degree. Like I mentioned, the USA will prefer a masters from their country first. But in case you are applying for a management specialized job role, a MIM from LBS can be more beneficial than a USA management degree.

Given the top industries spread in each country, it will affect the amount of impact a MSc in UK degree will have. And for education purposes, you do not have to think for a bit. You can apply for a postgraduate program in India, USA or any other country with an MSc from the UK. IT may seem elaborated so in simpler words; ‘Yes the MSc from the UK is valid and recognized in India. It is only a matter of how much?’

If your concern is about post-graduation in India or the USA, let me know. I have relevant experience in the field of higher studies. If you want we can determine the best options for you based on your academic profile.


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