Are European degrees recognized in the USA?

Asked by Mamta Rao over 2 years ago

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Joshua Borisova

Joshua Borisova

Founder & CEO at TAXA

Of-course European degrees are recognized in the USA. Higher studies are widely interlinked. You see how secondary education is recognized by USA institutes right? How do you think a university decides whether your school education is worth or not? The schools are recognized to an extent.

The official bodies in the education system present enough flexibility to pass with proper qualifications. It does not have to be officially registered for institutes to acknowledge a foreign degree such as from Europe. But it does come under proper rules and regulations.

The international agreements and the practice in the U.S. education system and labor market recognizes foreign qualifications. But that is carried out by institutes. For instance, ‘The admitting school or higher education institution’ is the official body to recognize your school transcripts and records. However, there is no single authority in the United States for the recognition of foreign degrees. It all just looks fancy on paper.

Also, the partner universities. A prestigious university has connections out of the continent. You can study a year exchange program in both the USA and Europe. Take an example, the M2M HEC-Yale allows students to study management and business on two major campuses; Europe and the USA. A quality degree from anywhere in the world is recognized in the USA or other countries. Europe is like the largest education provider globally. Obviously it's prestige carries.


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