Are 15 years of education accepted in Canada and the USA for doing a master's in marketing?

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Danish Ali Khan

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For students who aspire to discover foreign places via taking a schooling loan, a bachelor’s degree is a great qualification to find out about internationally. In very few cases, banks consign loans to university college students who desire to find out about abroad. For the university college students who forethought their master’s learning abroad, you ought to amend the fact that most of Universities or colleges require sixteen (12 4) years of education from the candidates as an eligibility criterion, mainly in the U.S and Canada.

As we know, in India, most of the guides like BCom, BSc, BBA, BBM, BA, etc are done in three years, which makes 15 years of education (12 3) for college students in India. Qualifying for research about distant places can be a bit uncertain as obtaining admission for a master's diploma in distant places in global universities can be arduous. In such a disaster situation, most college students are in a trap-22 situation questioning if they ought to get admission for a master's diploma overseas in the favoured college or not. Read this article till the end to gain a clear appreciation of the universities accepting 15 years of schooling and universities accepting three years of degrees. 
15 years of schooling consists of a student’s 12 years of education and three years of bachelor’s degree. This 15-year training system is built-in through most of the universities in India, Australia, the UK, etc. In India, commencement in more than a few disciplines (BA, BCom, BSc) requires 15 years of schooling in foreign places besides publications related to engineering, medicine, law, architecture, etc.

International candidates retaining a 3-year bachelor's degree and are making use of for most fulfilling degree applications in the US or Canada may come into trouble as the diploma recipients in the US complete four years of full-time study. 15 years of education is now not viewed as an eligibility requirement to pursue a master's degree.
This makes it hard for world candidates who no longer have sixteen years of education. 

International applicants holding a 3-year bachelor’s degree and applying for advanced degree programs in the US or Canada may encounter trouble as the degree recipients in the US complete 4 years of full-time study. 15 years of education is not considered an eligibility criterion to pursue a master's degree. This makes it difficult for international applicants who do not have 16 years of education. 

Some of the universities offering master's with 15 years of Education in the USA are as follows:-

  1. New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Vancouver,BC
  2. Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, British Columbia
  3. University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  4. Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, British Columbia
  5. HEC Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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