After completing my 10+2 education I joined defense services and did my graduation in Open degree management. So can I plan my education in Canada in the future?

Asked by V Jeenith kumar over 1 year ago

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MentR-Me Team

First, carefully select the Course. The education programme you choose should, if at all possible, be a continuation of or at least somewhat linked to your graduating subject. A Post Graduate programme and slightly less expensive Diploma courses are both options. Your programme should last at least 1.5 years to qualify you for a 3-year Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). PGWP is a positive step because it may make you eligible to apply for PR after four years of residence in Canada (study plus PGWP).

Second, be careful while selecting a Canadian education provider. A reputable institution, DLI, with the required permission to sponsor PGWP for your preferred educational programme and location in an area with plenty of student job prospects, could be a basic requirement.

Third, ensure you comply with the requirements for the student visa you want. Your application will be evaluated under the SDS or the General category once you submit it in your home country for a Canadian student permit. The SDS stream has benefits. Several prerequisites must be met for your application to be evaluated and considered under SDS.

1. Are: Upfront payment to the educational institution for a year (2 semesters) 
2. a $10,000 (or $11,000 for Quebec) initial deposit into one of the SDS partner banks, ICICI Canada or ScotiaBank. This will cover your living expenses for one year. 
3. a preliminary medical evaluation. Before submitting your application, you can schedule and pay for a medical exam that will cost you roughly INR 7500.
4. The education provider you've suggested should be DLI registered.
5. With no module scoring lower than 6, your IELTS band score is 6.5.
6. You must satisfy additional province-specific requirements, such as those for Quebec.

Fourth, ensure your passport is valid for more than three years before expiration right at the start of this exercise to prevent further inconveniences in Canada. You will receive student permission after the exercise, which is good until the earlier the expiration of your passport or the conclusion of your Course of study.

Suppose your passport's expiration date causes the validity of your approved student permit to be shortened. In that case, you will need to have a new passport issued by the Indian Consulate in Canada and request an extension of your shortened student visa from the Canadian authorities.


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