After which MBA course should we study in Canada?

Asked by Sona Joseph almost 2 years ago

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Ajay Kaparwan

Ajay Kaparwan

Founder & CEO at Blackcoffe

After B.Com, you shouldn’t straight away jump to an MBA. You should look for an MiM instead. MIM courses are not bad in any way either. If you are interested enough, I would suggest a Master in International Business or quite simply a Master in Management. The reason why I suggest these two is primarily based on your further options. You can either choose to start working from an entry-level or pursue more education. Out of all specialization, these two will give access to the most possible subjects to study and work.

The major reason why I’m suggesting an MiM over MBA is the course requirement and approach. An MBA requires a work experience and looks at providing people with managerial skills once they have certain industry relevant skillset. Considering you are a fresh graduate, MiM would be a much better choice. 

Talking about your country choice, it’s already perfect. When it comes to seeking a MIM degree, Canada outshines itself as an ideal destination because of its industry-oriented program structure, shorter program duration, higher employability rate, economical tuition fee etc.

Let me know if this helps and if you want any more information like which schools to target or what is the eligibility requirement?


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